Why Us


Samuel Fortis
Teacher and Consultant

  • Academic experience from four universities
  • Taught and counselled thousands of students from all walks of life
  • Taught in 4 languages, multiple subjects and in several schools, institutes & summer camps
  • Proficient in cross-curricular teaching and learning
  • Highly competent in identifying and accommodating students’ needs
  • Happy and lifelong learner
  • Kick boxing coach assistant (children)

Why us, why now?​

We have gathered a wide and varied range of information on students’ learning patterns, common errors, inattention traits, high ability learning, fossilized mistakes, propulsive progress, advanced techniques and much more. All of the above is undoubtedly the most valuable asset we have acquired throughout the years and if you are a former student of ours reading this, we thank you for enriching our expertise. Now we provide our former students’ academic descendants with high-end solutions that we know for a fact they will make your life better.

Non-negotiable values


We have been in your shoes and we are fully aware of the pressure you are under.


Time is money, therefore, we do our utmost to serve you within the time frame you have requested.


We proud ourselves in assisting you as efficiently as possible.


It goes without saying that we value and honour your privacy.

24/7 availability

Please feel free to contact us whenever you please.

Attention to detail

This is our competitive advantage and you will witness it from the get go.


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