What We Offer

We offer high-end assistance and solutions to anyone who needs help with English related material. We also provide you with free advice and guidance depending on the task.
  • img Primary, Middle & High School Students You have any issue with your homework? We have got the answer for you.
  • img University Students We provide help with any and all kinds of assignments written in English.
  • img Working Professionals Get professional assistance in writing, proofreading and editing any type of document written in English

Primary, Middle & High School Students (All Exam Boards & Curricula)

You have any issue with your homework? We know (or will find) the answer for you. Some indicative examples:


  • how to write effective essays, letters, reports effectively.
  • explanation and clarification of difficult questions / lessons
  • how to best use mark schemes
  • how to read, interpret and explain graphs and trends & maps
  • how to address and understand questions so that your answers are relevant and precise
  • how to best exploit sources (photos, posters, charts, maps etc.)
  • how to best address command words (describe, explain, justify etc.)
  • how to approach case study questions
  • how to prepare and present a power point presentation
  • how to write an effective motivation letter in order to enroll to the University of your choice


  • how to avoid classic / same mistakes and bad grades
  • how to identify the material more likely to appear in your next exam
  • how to avoid unreliable websites and other such sources
  • achieving a better in-class performance (and online, in the event of a lockdown)
  • what to consider when selecting subjects ex. Geography or Drama?
  • time management, organisation & revision
  • stress management
  • how to manage change of academic environment
  • wellness & well-being

University Students


  • writing, improving and enhancing written material (essays, papers, dissertations, reports etc.)
  • assistance and guidance in CV and Cover Letter writing
  • guidance for half-term / final exam preparation & revision
  • how to select the appropriate bibliography and quickly identify relevant material
  • how to select the best electives matching your career goals
  • how to avoid plagiarism (which could get you expelled in certain establishments, if caught)


  • orientation and adjustment for first-year students
  • how to best navigate through your academic journey
  • academic-personal life balance
  • when and how to seek help / advice at your establishment
  • when and how to ask for a deadline extension
  • stress management, wellness & well-being
  • gap year merits & setbacks
  • acquiring essential skills and assets to facilitate future employment
  • how to network successfully & get closer to landing a desired job
  • when to enlist in the army (ad hoc) and what that entails

Working Professionals

Get professional assistance in writing, proofreading and editing any type of document (report, e-mail, presentation, business plan, summary etc.) written in English.

Indicative examples:

  • Say you need to prepare and present a presentation and you need to know for certain that it is up to the level required and is error-free.
  • Or you might simply want to send an important e-mail to your manager.
  • Perhaps you have to work on a document before you share it with your colleagues but you do not have the time or the mental space to do so.
  • Or how many times did you find mistakes in something you had already sent? Now you can do better.

How we operate

  1. Call us at +30.6947.400.590 or e-mail us at and tell us how we can be of service.
  2. We give you a quote and upon agreement, we send you the material you requested.
  3. In addition, we would be happy to give you live feedback on your task, through online platforms so you can better understand what went well and what requires further attention from your part in the future.

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