Sustainability: Learn it once well, practice it and you will own it for life!

When it comes to the sustainability factor, we mean that what you learn with us, are life tools that you can and should use in your future tasks, assignments etc. Once you learn it, you need to practice it (that is your part and it is important) and ultimately these tools will become your ownership, therefore you are going to gradually need us less and hopefully not at all in the future. When that happens, it means that you will have mastered those means necessary for your academic success and subsequently you will have secured your peace of mind, which is what everyone has been striving to attain nowadays! This applies to everyone, even teachers; when learning something new, we put into practice and rehearse it constantly.

Writing can change / save your life

Writing skillfully is an ongoing process where everyone can improve, regardless of age, sex, academic background etc. It is also the main means through which you shape and influence (positively or negatively) others in all types of disciplines. Here are some notable writers / “influencers”:

Example 1: Emile Zola’s with his famous speech “I accuse” saved the life of a wrongfully accused soldier and changed the mentality of generations in France and beyond with regards to politics, religious tolerance and equal rights.
Example 2: Henrik Ibsen, the Norwegian playwright revolutionised the way we perceive ethics and feminism in literature and in theatre on a global scale. [I actually did a bit of Ibsen at Uni and I had a passionate drama teacher who turned something potentially super boring to something groovy and interesting]. (influence 3)
Example 3: Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman who has been writing songs and lyrics for the past 7 decades with constant global success and fame.
Example 4: Adam Smith, the British economist laid the foundations for modern economic theory upon which current markets operate.
Example 5: Charles Darwin coined the “survival of the fittest” and analysed human evolution and species’ adaptation which paved the way for future scientific breakthroughs.

These individuals were not born writers; they put a lot of effort in their writing and research and ultimately achieved greatness.

Writing your own life:

Sooner or later you are going to need to write a cover letter in order to land a job. Another very common practice during the interview process is the preparation and delivery of a presentation to the recruiter. Within a context of several individuals applying for the same post, the recruiter will not spend more than a few seconds reading your letter unless it is immaculately prepared. Such letters and presentations determine your future and even your career at some point in your life. It is therefore essential you be ready for when that time comes. In addition, improved writing will eventually contribute to your speaking, reading and listening skills and vice versa, as these skills are inter-connected/developed.

On mental health:

There is a lot of hype today about mental health. Everyone has something to say about it. Based on our experience, we believe that this issue cannot be emphasized enough. Protecting and improving students’ mental health has been one of our priorities because we know very well its merits but also its repercussions. Whether you are a parent or a student, today, it is more important and urgent than ever to take care of your mental well being. Within a wider context of little time, heavy workload, high expectations, high daily stress levels and a limited attention span for all, you now have the opportunity to save time by getting things done faster, better and most significantly, sustainably. With less stress and more academic confidence, you acquire more cognitive clarity and set the stage for faster progress and better results in all life aspects. You do not want to be concerned with homework or exams when you play sports, video games or when you are on vacation. Get specific, prompt and customized assistance for your academic or professional duties and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

More quality family time

Are you a parent or guardian helping your child with their homework and you feel you could use with some additional assistance? Your child’s school/college teacher may be unreachable and your private tutor might be unavailable. It might be too late in the evening, too difficult of a task, or you just do not have the mental space to sit and help your child; and that is okay! Do not let homework get in the way and frustrate you; you have got better things to do! We are fully conscious of what is at stake when it comes to the education and well-being of your child. We also know our market extremely well owing to our experience and expertise and we are aware of the mentality and expectations of both schools and teachers. We would like to provide you with insightful information and feedback on how to help your child effectively, swiftly and happily. With one phone call away, you can get help. Call or e-mail us and we will give you immediate assistance so you can enjoy more quality time with your family!

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