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About Us

At Academic Edge

We've helped thousands of students for the past 15 years and we've loved it! This time it's online, immediate, direct, informal, world-wide and we love it even more! Through our services, we evaluate and improve your work product by correcting all grammar and content related mistakes while enhancing the content in order to complete the assignment with a high degree of accuracy. We are also able to accommodate requests that require quick turnaround time at a competitive rate. Consider us your "one stop shop" to improve your assignment in a professional and timely manner.

Primary, Middle & High School Students

Are you a student and need help or guidance with your homework? We are here to walk you through it and assist you both on an academic and on a psychological level.

University Students

We are fully aware of your heavy and demanding workload, whatever you may be studying. Let us help you by improving your assignments so you can get better grades, graduate faster and avoid high stress levels.

Working Professionals

Send us any type of document written in English and let us improve it for you. Save precious time and money and make the best impression to your target audience and at the same time learn better English.

How We Teach

We firmly believe in the potential of each and every one of our former, current and future students. We work in such a way that it brings the best out of every learner, as soon as possible and in a sustainable fashion. As a result, students take ownership of their learning, achieve progress faster and feel more confident. We know how invaluable Education is and we pride ourselves in helping students and professionals embrace learning and develop academically and mentally. It’s not simply a job for us; it’s our attitude.


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